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Black November

Apparently, there is this thing called Black Friday. It is the biggest marketing date of the year as it triggers huge discounts to mark the beginning of the Christmas season. Normal is way behind the curve here, as we have never bothered to do anything for this day. Therefore, to compensate, we are going to make this whole month black for our patrons!

We have chosen the blackest watch form each of our four collections: The Extra Normal EN23, Fuji F23, Hibi H24, and Tokiji T22. Each if these watches – with either a black leather, or black mesh band – will be discounted 25% for all of November!

2 thoughts on “Black November

  1. Hello! I am hoping to buy your Extra Normal EN23 in black mesh band and also the women’s Extra Normal EN10. It seems 25% off will apply to both of these watches but on checkout this is not applied. Is there a particular code I need to include? Let me know! Thanks!

    1. Dear Jeannette,

      Sorry for any confusion. We are trying to work out this issue with our developer at the moment. The 25% discount does apply to every product if you buy one of the designated black watches from our November campaign. This sale is valid until the 29th, so please wait a little longer.

      Alternatively, you can email us directly with your order, and mailing address. Then we would email you a PayPal money request. Once payment is confirmed, we would ship to you within two business days.


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