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Normal People

Semiosis is a musician / DJ / video creator team made up of Shinji Wakasa, and Ryo Takahashi. Normal collaborated with them to create a video installation to launch our Tokiji watch at the 2018 Maison E objet trade show in Paris. You can see a hint of what they did here. They have also done the soundtrack for several of our product videos. (more…)

Inspirational Tour – My Neighborhood

Two things about Japan: 1) It has a very long history. 2) It’s ruled by crazy zoning laws. These seem to be unrelated, but combined, they always remind me of the difference between living here and growing up in America. You can randomly pick any street to walk down anywhere in Japan, and find something interesting there. That’s because there is often a mixture of the ancient and the new wherever you are. (more…)

Normal People

F Ron Miller is a VERY old friend with Ross McBride — going all the way back to high school. Both went on to study graphic design at the California Institute of the Arts. Ross then came to Japan, of course. Ron went to London for a few years, to study at the Royal College of Art, and then back to Los Angeles. There, he set up his own design practice where he’s been working ever since. (more…)

Normal People

Kayo is an amazing nail artist who works extensively in Japan, and sometimes abroad for the past 15 years. For the launch of our Hibi watch collection in 2017, she designed nail art to match our watches for an event called Normal x Kayo. If you purchased one of our new watches there, you would get a set of matching nails for free. It was a great promotion, and very popular with the media. (more…)

Inspirational Tour – Out the Door

My brand, Normal Timepieces, is based in Tokyo. I have chosen to live in Japan for the past 34 years, because as a designer, I have always found inspiration here for my work. Before I first visited, I was studying world design history through my American university. I remember the thing that struck me the most about Japan was its quintessential sense of minimalism and craftsmanship. Today, immersed into the country, I can see echoes of this innate sensibility all around me – even in today’s pop culture. (more…)

Fuji Sale for July

It is only possible to climb Mt. Fuji for a short period every year as it snows quite a bit up there. The climbing season starts on July 1st, so we thought it would be appropriate focus on our Fuji collection for this month’s campaign. Every Fuji watch we offer will be 10% off for all of July. (more…)

Normal People

Meet our watch dog. (Pun intended? You decide.)

I know that this is the Normal “People” second installment, but we think it is acceptable to step away from our species on occasion, so that we can show our appreciation for some other friends. Bondi is our Italian Greyhound. He just turned one, but has already developed his sophisticated sense of timepiece aesthetics as you can see. (more…)

Tokiji is here!

Normal is introducing our amazing new digital watch, Tokiji. This improved version is a natural progression from our original Digital Grande. You can help us get this watch to market by giving us your support, now through our Indiegogo campaign. Here, you will be able to see the watch in great detail, and be one of the first to get it at a much lower price (more…)


David Ericsson is the founder / designer of Void Watches. We have known him for many years, as our watch brands have nearly parallel histories. It was inevitable that we would meet at some point. We both began around the same time with similar motivations. In some cases, we take advantage of the same factories, and distributors. (more…)

Designart 2017

If you are in Tokyo this October 16~22, please stop by our corner of the new DESIGNART event taking place at Cibone Aoyama. We will be introducing our latest Hibi watch collection to the Japanese public in a collaboration with nail artist Kayo Shimoda. It’s all about hands. www.designart.jp