Care and Maintenance


All watches are susceptible to shock damage. Your analog or digital watch can be worn for any normal activity throughout the day, but always avoid striking, or dropping your watch.

Cleaning your watch

Use a dry, soft cloth to remove everyday fingerprints, and dust. For more involved cleaning, use a soft cloth dampened with mild soap, or alcohol.

Care for your leather band

Exposure to perspiration and water over time can cause a leather belt to become dry and deteriorate. Any such moisture should be blotted away as soon as possible. To remove any dirt or stains, use a soft cloth dampened with mild soap.


Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

1 With the long half of the mesh belt facing away from you, insert a small screw driver into the rectangular opening on the catch as shown.

2 Flip the catch up as shown.
3 Reposition the clasp to your liking.
4 Snap the catch back to its original position.

Be very careful not to bend the small bar above the catch.


All of the leather, and mesh bands that we offer have release levers attached. No tools are required to remove, or replace your band, simply slide the small knob on the spring bar with your finger tip to shorten it.



Setting the time on your analog watch

Simply pull out the crown, and turn clockwise to adjust the time. NEVER adjust the time by turning the crown counter-clockwise as this may damage the movement.

Care and Maintenance

Setting time / date on your Digital Grande

Under normal time mode, press and hold button B with the tip of a pen for three seconds to enter setting mode. The minutes will begin to blink. Press button B to step through hour, month, and date settings sequentially. Press button A to adjust the blinking values. Press and hold button B again to exit setting mode, and return to normal time display mode.