Introducing our latest Tokiji !

There has been a great response to the award winning Tokiji since its launch last year. Accordingly, we think it deserves a new sibling.

Special Offer

We are offering every Tokiji watch with a 5% discount for the rest of 2020, and if you choose the new brown Tokiji we will throw in an additional brown, or black band at no extra cost. See all of your options here.

Seasonal Shipping

Of course, watches make great Christmas presents! But this year is very unpredictable about delivery times. We suggest that any orders intended to arrive before December 25th should be made by the end of November.

Also, please know that we are still under the Japan Post shipping restrictions. There are several countries that we are currently unable to ship to. For the complete list of countries we can, and cannot deliver to, please check here <>.

If you do buy a brown Tokiji during its launch campaign, but live in one of the restricted countries, you will still get the discount, and we will send your watch with the two bands as soon as the restrictions are lifted.