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Introducing our New Fuji

With the launch of our new website, we are equally happy to launch our latest watch range, the woman’s Fuji. As you can see, this design is a natural progression from the original Ø43 mm Fuji. This new Ø31 mm version comes in several colors and surface finishes that we haven’t used before. There are four case designs with an option of two bands, for a total of eight models. But of course, you can easily combine any case with any band we offer to your liking.

We see great potential for this range, because there is so much room to grow in the lady’s watch market. The overwhelming majority in this world is classic, glittery, garish designs, repeated and repeated again. There is very little in the way of thoughtful, minimal pieces. There is an audience there that hasn’t been addressed properly.

Please let us know your thoughts. Any comments you have would be greatly appreciated.

More images, and details here. Questions,and comments here.