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Kayo is an amazing nail artist who works extensively in Japan, and sometimes abroad for the past 15 years. For the launch of our Hibi watch collection in 2017, she designed nail art to match our watches for an event called Normal x Kayo. If you purchased one of our new watches there, you would get a set of matching nails for free. It was a great promotion, and very popular with the media.


The reputation of Kayo’s precise, and delicate hand-painted art is growing here along with her fan base. If you haven’t been one of her own customers, you can see her work on fashion runways as far away as Milan, and is frequently published in magazines such as Vogue. Her goal is to make her craft to be considered the same creative level as fashion and art. Ultimately, she wants to communicate her enjoyment of nail art to people all over the world.

If you are in New York August 29~31, you can be the canvas for Kayo’s work directly. She will be there for the miGak event in Brooklyn. You can see all of the information, and make an appointment here <en.yelp.my/biz/migak-brooklyn-4>

If you are ever in Tokyo, you can see Kayo directly at her recently opened salon, Kooo, in Aoyama close to Normal’s office. To make an appointment there, and see more of what Kayo does, please check out her website <www.kooonail.com>

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