Normal – the watch brand – has only been around for 15 years, but Normal – the company – is celebrating its 30 year anniversary this month! We are commemorating this with a 30% discount for our most recent, and very popular series. 

創立30周年を記念して最も人気のTOKIJIシリーズ全て30% OFF

All Tokiji watches can be yours with this special offer for all of April.

What is Normal?

Normal Timepieces is a Japanese / American watch brand based in Tokyo since 2006. Our products have been greatly influenced by the pioneering mid-century American design, as well as the Japanese sense of minimalism, and craftsmanship. We create watches for those who appreciate a nuanced aesthetic, and have confidence in their own sensibilities.

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Normal Timepiecesは、2006年ロス・ミクブライドが東京原宿を拠点として立ち上げた腕時計ブランド。近代日本のミニマルな世界観から多大な影響を受けています。繊細でニュアンスのある美学を高く評価し、感性に自信を持っている世界中の個性的な人々へ向けて発信しています。


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