Frequently Asked Questions


How much is shipping for my order?

There is no shipping fee for any order over US$ 150. Any order under $ 150 has a set fee of $ 10.

When will my order ship?

After your payment is confirmed, it will take up to three business days to process, and ship your order. Please contact us directly, if your order is urgent.<>

How long does shipping normally take?

We ship our products by First-Class mail through the postal system. Once sent, a shipping confirmation, and tracking number will be emailed to you. In general, delivery from the date of shipment takes 7-14 days. However, this may vary based on the standards of the destination country’s postal system. You can monitor the progress of your package by using your tracking number on the United States Postal Service website here (, or the tracking service on your own country’s postal website.

Is there an express shipping service available?

It is possible to use express courier services for a much quicker, and guaranteed delivery. We can use any personal courier service that you have, or through our FedEx account. We cannot ship overseas free of charge in this case. If you choose to use a courier service, you will have to pay their fee including all customs charges. If you would like to go this route, please contact us directly with your details. <>

Will I have to pay international taxes & duties?

Your order may be subject to import duties, and taxes upon arrival to your country. You will be responsible for paying any such customs fee that is required to complete delivery. Normal cannot control, or calculate this amount in advance of shipping. A general guideline is that it would be about 20% of the value written on the shipping label. However, this will vary from country to country based on their tariff standards. Pease contact your own country’s customs office if you would like more specific information related to your order.

From where do you ship your products?

All of our products are shipped from our office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


What type of movements are used?

All of our analog watches use a precision quartz Japanese movement manufactured by Miyota. The movement for our digital watch is custom-made specifically for Tokiji.

Are your watches waterproof?

Yes. Our watches range from 3ATM to 5ATM. 3ATM means waterproof up to 30 m / 100 ft below sea level. 5ATM is waterproof 50 m / 160 ft below sea level. Please see the specifications on each watch’s individual page for its waterproof standard. Of course, we recommend you avoid swimming with our watches, or coming in contact with excessive water, especially if it has a leather band as this will quicken its wear.

What type of leather do you use?

Our leather straps are made of premium calfskin leather.

What are your watch lenses made of?

The lenses for our watches are made of tempered mineral glass.

How do I replace my battery?

We do not suggest replacing the battery yourself as it requires some special tools. Improvising this could damage your watch. All of the batteries we use are commonly available anywhere. Please take your watch to the local watch repair, or jewelry shop to have them replace the battery.

What type of battery does my watch use?

The Extra Normal, and Fuji watches both use an SR626SW battery with an average three year lifespan.
Hibi watches use an SR616SW battery with an average two year lifespan.
Each Tokiji uses two V371 batteries with an 18 month lifespan.

Why is the backlight on my Tokiji watch so dim?

Most digital watches use lithium batteries. However, when we were designing Tokiji, we opted to use silver oxide batteries instead. This is because of all of the problems lithium batteries have been causing. They can overheat to the point of causing fires, so every country has implemented stringent regulations about shipping, and storing them. Some courier services won’t even handle any product that uses a lithium battery. Therefore, we chose to use the same kind of batteries that most analog watches do. The downside of this is that silver oxide batteries are not quite as strong as lithium batteries. This is the reason for the weaker backlight. You may not notice it operating in a bright room, but will see it when needed in a dark environment.

I see the digits, but the time is no longer progressing on my digital watch.

The most common reason for this is that your watch’s battery is dead. Even though the watch no longer has power, its frozen digits could still be visible. Please have the batter replaced. If the problem is not resolved with a new battery, it is obviously a different issue. Please contact us directly for us to deal with this. <>

Can I still get a one-piece band for the original Fuji watch that was discontinued several years ago?

The original Fuji watch was sold from 2014. It had a one-piece band that attached to the watch through loops build into the case. A modified Fuji design was launched from 2017 in order to coordinate its standard two-pieces band system with all of our other watch ranges. If you are looking for a replacement band for your older Fuji watch, we do not sell these one-pieces bands through our website, but still have them in dead stock. Please contact us directly to tell us what you want. <>


What is covered under Warranty?

The Normal Timepieces limited warranty covers any manufacturer's defects for two years after the original purchase date from an authorized dealer. If any watch component is defective upon arrival, we will repair or replace at our discretion free of charge. If the movement does not work properly within the warranty term, we will repair or replace this at our discretion free of charge. Our warranty does not cover any damage occurring through use. It does not cover normal wear and tear, water damage, accidental glass damage, scratches, strap damage, or theft. A replacement battery is also not covered under this warranty.

Please keep your warranty card, and/or receipt, as proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims, and service requests. If you purchased from an authorized reseller, you will need to contact them directly as they handle their own warranty claims, returns and exchanges.

For more detailed warranty information, please see here.(Information Page)

I have accidentally dropped my watch and damaged the glass covering the dial. Is it possible to replace?

The glass can be replaced for all of our analog watches. This is not possible for our Tokiji digital watch due to its unique construction. If yours is an Extra Normal, Fuji, or Hibi watch, we can replace the lens at our Tokyo Office, or in some cases, we can send you a replacement lens for your local watch repair shop to do the work. If you have a Tokiji watch, this work can only be done by us. Your watch will need to be returned to our Tokyo address. In any case, please contact us directly to figure out the best way to deal with your situation, and cost estimates. <>

I’ve accidentally scratched my watch case, is there anything I can do?

All of our watch cases are made from stainless steel. If they are not plated with color, a scratch could be buffed off, but we do not offer this service. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about deleting, or covering scratches on a watch that has color plating. Any watch case that is black, gold, rose gold, or brown is Ion Plated (IP) This is a very thin, very strong surface finish. There is no other way to color stainless steel that is stronger, and more resilient. It is very difficult to scratch, but not impossible. The most common way to scratch off the color is by striking the watch on a very hard / sharp surface. Please always be careful about this.

Why has my battery died out so quickly after I received my watch?

The average battery lifetime is written in the specifications on every watch page. However, this estimate is from the date when the watch leaves the factory, not from the date of sale. We keep the crown pulled out of every analog watch while kept in storage so the battery wears down less prior to sale. However, even if not being used, over time the battery level will decrease. If a watch is manufactured several months before sale, the watch you receive may have a shorter battery life than expected. Replacing it with a new battery should live up to its standard estimate.

What is your return policy?

If you receive your watch, and feel it is not what you were looking for, you can return it for a full refund within thirty days. Please contact us at this time, so we can expect the watch coming back. You can send it to us by any means, but you are required to pay for its shipping cost. We can cover any customs fees upon arrival. Once we have the watch, we need to inspect it for any damage. If it can be resold as is, we will give you a full refund. However, in some cases a partial refund is necessary. For example, if the watch has a leather band, and you closed its buckle while wearing it, this band can no longer be sold. Therefore, the price of the band will de deducted from the refund.

What should I do if I receive the wrong item?

Please contact us directly as soon as this mistake has been found. We will sort it out as quickly as possible. If you do receive the wrong item, please do not wear it, or close the band, as it cannot be resold once it is used. <>


How can I collaborate with Normal?

You want to collaborate with us? Excellent! This can take many forms, but usually regards taking photos of our watches for your Instagram account in exchange for a free watch. We are very happy to do this, but also very selective. Please show us your work of course, and let us know a little about you, and why your skills are appropriate for Normal Timepieces. We have our own thoughts on how to present our brand image, and products. It is a big help if you can share your thoughts on how you would go about doing this. Any ideas, comments, and proposals you have – please contact us anytime. <>